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Why buy a cabin in Hallingdal and Golsfjellet?

Golsfjellet is located in the heart of Hallingdal, almost halfway between Oslo and Bergen, and has been a somewhat unknown mountain gem for many. But more and more people are discovering this beautiful mountain pearl. The cabins in the area have become increasingly sought after lately, and prices are on the rise.

The area is very sunny and snow-sure, with a "gentle" climate and easily accessible terrain for hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing. Golsfjellet also has mild summers with little rainfall and stable winters without too many days of extreme cold. Additionally, there is an abundance of well-marked hiking trails and paths, over 20 miles of well-prepared cross-country ski trails, several ski resorts, and countless cycling opportunities on trails and gravel roads. All of this is right outside your cabin door without having to get in your car.

Gol is also the hub of the entire Hallingdal region, with plenty of shops of all kinds, a water park, medical services, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies, and liquor stores. Storefjellstølen is located just under 3 hours from Oslo and 5 hours from Bergen, and the train between Oslo and Bergen stops at Gol station, with good bus connections to Oslo.

Investing in a recreational property here will be a very good investment for the future, before prices and demand increase even further. In addition, it will be a great investment in your leisure time. Here you get a great cabin that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Why Choose Storefjellstølen?

Storefjellstølen is a unique cabin project on the sunny side of Golsfjellet with a wealth of hiking opportunities and activities year-round. It all started with Snøhetta conducting a feasibility study for us on "what do tomorrow's cabin buyers want". We have further developed this plan in collaboration with Vårdal Architects regarding design, location in the terrain, ski trails winding between the cabins, internal roads, and large open spaces. Nothing is left to chance here.

The architecture and choice of materials are consistent throughout the area, whether it be courtyard cabins, large cabins, or apartment buildings. Each cabin and apartment building is designed to blend into the terrain as best as possible and provide everyone with the best possible views and sun conditions.

• It will become increasingly difficult to build as high up in the mountains as Storefjellstølen is located – the cabins are situated at 992 - 1028 meters above sea level. So these cabins will remain in an attractive area in the future as it is very snow-sure here, which will again be beneficial for the appreciation of these cabins.

• Storefjellstølen delivers only finished cabins both inside and out, so you can move in right away and fully enjoy your leisure time.

• You know how the neighboring cabins will look and how they will be situated in relation to your cabin.

• Storefjellstølen levels and seeds with mountain grass around all the cabins, so no outdoor areas around the neighboring cabins will remain half-finished and look "messy" for years. We only use natural stone walls around the garages of the cabins with basements so that everything appears inviting and well-crafted.

• You get a unique cabin with exciting architecture that you only find at Storefjellstølen, with well-thought-out and smart floor plans. The buildings have gentle roof angles that follow the terrain, reduce silhouette effects, and adapt to nature in a unique and understated way. Both apartments, large cabins, and courtyard cabins are designed so that the views and sun conditions are preserved, and the cabins are designed so that visibility from neighbors is limited. This creates a pleasant and sheltered living environment even though the area has relatively many cabins.

• Storefjellstølen oversees the entire construction process. We coordinate all the trades so you don't have to worry about both applications to the municipality and follow-up of the various trades; such as groundwork, carpenter, plumber, electrician, kitchen supplier, etc. We take care of all this, so the only thing you need to think about is furniture and other interior – if you want to avoid thinking about that too, Storefjellstølen can deliver a fully furnished cabin.

• As an option, Storefjellstølen can also offer energy-saving measures. If desired, this must be planned well in advance of construction start to be tailored to the building.

• And last but not least - Storefjellstølen delivers the cabin at a fixed agreed price so that you will not incur any unexpected costs along the way, not even in the outdoor area around your cabin as this will be delivered fully leveled and seeded with site-specific mountain grass ordered from NIBIO.

• We, who develop and operate Storefjellstølen, live on the premises and are available for our cabin buyers, even after you have taken over your cabin. We offer caretaker services through "1028 Hyttedrift" and are happy to assist with rentals if you wish, deliver birch firewood to your door, arrange cleaning, extra snow removal, and perform various maintenance tasks as needed.

Storefjellstølen has already built and handed over many cabins but still welcomes more pleasant cabin neighbors! Our cabins range from 76 m2 to over 400 m2, and prices start at approximately 4 million for a turnkey cabin where the outdoor area is also finished.