Storefjellstølen has established a caretaking company, 1028 Hyttedrift, which offers assistance with rental management, snow removal, firewood sales, maintenance, and other services that cabin owners at Storefjellstølen may require.

Ordering snow removal, firewood bags, cleaning, etc.

All cabin owners at Storefjellstølen have access to the "Hyttetjenester" (Cabin Services) app. Here, each cabin owner has their own page where they can, for example, request snow removal before arrival, order bags of firewood delivered to the door or directly placed in the garage/carport at the agreed time, cleaning services, grocery shopping, etc.

Stay updated on weather and web camera

Within the "Hyttetjenester" app (or here on our website), you can also find the weather forecast at Storefjellstølen, as well as our live web camera. Storefjell Hotel also has its own camera situated at Storefjelltoppen – here you can expect to see plenty of great images, especially if there's northern lights. Additionally, you'll find the camera from Bualie Alpinsenter here as well.

Cabin Rental

Currently, we have 3 cabins available for rental, which you can find under "Utleie" (Rental) on our website. This allows you to experience the area and get a feel for what it's like to have a cabin here at Golsfjellet and Storefjellstølen.


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