Miles of delightful experiences for both adults and children.

What makes Storefjellstølen truly special is the beautiful mountain terrain combined with the cultural landscape where you'll find old mountain farms still in operation, animals grazing in the fields, boglands, and notably easy terrain to traverse in both summer and winter. Additionally, the area offers plenty of other experiences year-round for both adults and children. With alpine slopes and toboggan facilities as the nearest neighbors, hotels, and various events.
Winter paradise

Miles of cross-country ski trails and delightful experiences

Miles of cross-country ski trails and delightful experiencesGolsfjellet offers a wealth of high-quality cross-country ski trails, groomed several times a week. In the trail network around Golsfjellet, there are barbecue huts placed throughout, serving as natural destinations for families. If you desire ready-made food and drinks, there are several perfect "waffle stops"; Jondalsstugu, Storefjell Alpine and Toboggan Center, the surrounding hotels, and Åttekanten at Bualia. The ski trails are very well marked, ensuring a great hiking experience here at Golsfjellet.

A wealth of trails and gravel roads

Golsfjellet is an excellent starting point for delightful cycling tours at all levels and is one of the country's best areas for mountain biking. Here, you'll find an extensive network of old gravel roads winding through charming mountain farms and beautiful cultural landscapes. If you're looking for more challenges, there are well-prepared mountain biking trails across much of the Golsfjell plateau where you can also enjoy spectacular views.
If you prefer hiking, there are just as many opportunities with well-marked trails. Golsfjellet also offers small fishing lakes and bathing spots. Down by Lake Tisleifjorden, you'll find the cozy café "Vasskanten Strandkafe", where you can enjoy homemade waffles, ice cream, light meals, etc., while the children swim. They also offer boat and canoe rentals, or perhaps you desire a bit more challenge and rent a paddleboard/SUP.

Storefjellstølen - also a living farm

Storefjellstølen is more than just cabins and apartments. Next to the cabin area, you'll find the Storefjellstølen farm with adorable shaggy cows of the Scottish Highland breed and several Icelandic horses. During winter, the animals stay near the farm where they can freely go in and out of the barn, and during summer, all the animals graze in the pastures, either around the farm or elsewhere in the mountains. Some of the animals are placed in such a way that it's easy to get close to see and greet them. In addition to the animals themselves, we also produce fodder for our animals here in the mountains.
During summer, Storefjell Resort Hotel, our nearest neighbor, offers horse rentals for mountain rides.



Storefjell Resort Hotel - 0 km

Tisleiafjorden IceDrive Event - 12 km

Fuglehaugen Motorcross - 26,5 km

Gol - Shopping

Gol Trainstation - 20 km

Gol motor park - 20 km

Stores/Malls - 18,5 km

Wine/alcohol shop - 18,5 km

Drug store - 18,5 km

Ski alpine

Cross-country tracks - 0 km

Storefjell Alpine - 0 km

Bualia Alpine center- 6 km

Skagahøgdi alpine center- 26 km

Hemsedal/Alpine - 45 km

Geilo/Alpine -68 km


Tropicana Water park, Pers Hotell - 18,5 km

Hallingdal vacation park, Ål - 44 km

Flå/Bear park - 72 km

Langedrag nature park - 73,4 km


From Sandvika to Storefjellstølen - 175 km

From Bergen to Storefjellstølen - 310 km

From Lillehammer to Storefjellstølen - 136 km

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