Welcome to the mountain

We want to share our fantastic place with you.

Knut Brusletto is the ambitious mind behind Storefjellstølen – Golsfjellet's new mountain village. He grew up and still lives here, and for 20 years, he has been working to turn the dream into reality. In addition to selling cabins and apartments, Storefjellstølen also operates a farm, is responsible for grooming ski trails, and maintains an ice rink.

Our story

Knut Brusletto

"When I was born, it quickly became clear to both my parents and grandparents that I was the one who would take over and run the farm. Luckily, I loved everything about the farm. The cows, the nature, the machinery, and all the work that had to be done. Even before I could walk, I sat on my grandfather's lap in the tractor, and I joined my grandmother to milk the cows in the barn. So I took over the farm in 1990, at just 16 years old, with the help of my grandparents, and I still run it. But I wanted more than just farming, and I saw that the area up at the mountain pasture had greater potential. The nature and the mountain, with the proximity to the hotel and all the activities available year-round.

So 20 years ago, I started the process of rezoning parts of the mountain pasture into recreational properties. But I didn't want to just sell off the plots without a plan. I wanted the area to be consistently beautiful and cohesive. I wanted to create something truly unique – a mountain village that would thrive year-round, with plenty to do and see – no matter the season. Since I build houses myself and will live here at Storefjellstølen, I am passionate about making the area as beautiful as possible, and ensuring that people enjoy it here as much as I do."

Experience storefjellstølen

Engage in activities on Golsfjellet

Storefjellstølen is proud to be part of the trail team on Golsfjellet. We have two grooming machines in full operation, so we are well acquainted with both the trails, weather, and snow conditions. In addition, we also groom our own internal slalom slope for skiing and sledding fun. Soon, we hope to install our own ski lift, providing direct access to Storefjell ski and sledding center.

Storefjellstølen has also been involved in operating the ice rink at Tisleifjorden – Europe's largest ice track for car driving. Here, we're talking about high-speed experiences of the highest class. This summer, we are starting with new bike trails within the area, connecting to the rest of the trail/bike network on Golsfjellet. Plans also include a small skating rink for the whole family between the apartment buildings.

Experience the animals

Our farm animals

At Storefjellstølen, we have about 60 Highland cattle of all sizes. We produce around 20 calves per year, with some going for meat production of very high quality, but most of these animals are sold as breeding stock to other herds. We prioritize animal welfare, and the cows have large areas to roam in the summer, and during winter they can choose whether to be outside or inside. The feed for the animals is also produced here on the mountain, and we feed them with minimal concentrates – mostly for the sake of enjoyment and socialization.

In addition to the cows, there are also Icelandic horses and sheep on the farm.